Centro Andaluz de Biología Molecular y Medicina Regenerativa
Selected Publications

Diabetes. GATA6 Controls Insulin Biosynthesis and Secretion in Adult ß cell.

Glia. Immunization with α-synuclein/Grp94 reshapes peripheral immunity and suppresses microgliosis in a chronic Parkinsonism model.

PLoS Genet. The Smc5/6 complex regulates the yeast Mph1 helicase at RNA-DNA hybrid-mediated DNA damage.

EMBO J. Human THO-Sin3A interaction reveals new mechanisms to prevent R-loops that cause genome instability.

Curr Biol. Late rDNA Condensation Ensures Timely Cdc14 Release and Coordination of Mitotic Exit Signaling with Nucleolar Segregation.

Fernando Monje

Cell division control

Advancing in our knowledge about cell division is essential in order to better understand the development of diseases that arise as a consequence of an incorrect regulation of this process, such as cancer. Our group is particularly interested in unveiling the signaling pathways that orchestrate cell cycle progression, as well as in deciphering the molecular mechanisms by which the main cellular checkpoints regulate this process to ensure the fidelity of chromosome segregation.

  • 23 March 2018


    Achille Pellicioli – News on double strand DNA break processing and repair from yeast to man
  • 06 April 2018


    Vanessa Morais – Mitochondrial homeostasis importance for brain function


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