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Selected Publications

eLife. Polo-like kinase acts as a molecular timer that safeguards the asymmetric fate of spindle microtubule-organizing centers.

eLife. Harmful DNA:RNA hybrids are formed in cis and in a Rad51-independet manner.

Molecular Cell. Looping the (R) Loop in DSB Repair via RNA Methylation

Genes Dev. UAP56/DDX39B Is a Major Cotranscriptional RNA-DNA Helicase That Unwinds Harmful R Loops Genome-Wide.

Nature Cell Biology. Asymmetric inheritance of spindle microtubule-organizing centres preserves replicative lifespan.


Tatiana García Muse

DNA damage response during meiosis

Genomic DNA is under constant attack from both endogenous and exogenous DNA damaging agents. Without proper repair the resulting DNA damages would lead to alteration of genomic structure thus affecting the faithful transmission of genetic information. In addition, defects during meiosis lead to aneuploidy, an extreme kind of genetic instability associated with fertility problems, miscarriages and mental retardation syndromes. I use the Caenorhabditis elegans model organism to address the impact of DNA damage on genome stability in meiotic cells.

  • 04 December 2020


    Joseph Yeeles – The Eukaryotic Replisome: Structure and Mechanism
  • 15 January 2021


    Claus Azzalin – Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres in cancer: triggers and alleviators
  • 22 January 2021


    Andrés Clemente – Genome-wide analysis of DNA repair at single-nucleotide resolution
  • 29 January 2021


    Antonio Zorzano – Mitochondrial dynamics and metabolic disorders
  • 05 February 2021


    Germaine Escames – Can melatonin reduce the severity of COVID-19 pandemic?


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