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Selected Publications

PLoS Genet. Histone depletion prevents telomere fusions in pre-senescent cells.

Nat Commun. LRH-1 agonism favours an immune-islet dialogue which protects against diabetes mellitus.

Neuron. Nav1.1-Overexpressing Interneuron Transplants Restore Brain Rhythms and Cognition in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Diabetes. GATA6 Controls Insulin Biosynthesis and Secretion in Adult ß cell.

Glia. Immunization with α-synuclein/Grp94 reshapes peripheral immunity and suppresses microgliosis in a chronic Parkinsonism model.


Tatiana García Muse

DNA damage response during meiosis

Genomic DNA is under constant attack from both endogenous and exogenous DNA damaging agents. Without proper repair the resulting DNA damages would lead to alteration of genomic structure thus affecting the faithful transmission of genetic information. In addition, defects during meiosis lead to aneuploidy, an extreme kind of genetic instability associated with fertility problems, miscarriages and mental retardation syndromes. I use the Caenorhabditis elegans model organism to address the impact of DNA damage on genome stability in meiotic cells.

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