Centro Andaluz de Biología Molecular y Medicina Regenerativa
Genomics Unit

The Genomics Core Facility at Cabimer provides a wide-ranging of genomics services for local and international researchers including Next Generation Sequencing (massive or deep sequencing) and advisement for experimental design and bioinformatics data analysis.

Genomics is an area of ​​Biology focused on whole genome studies. Genomes (genes and non-coding regions, proteins binding to DNA, nucleosomes…) are the characters in charge of cell plasticity, evolution and differentiation. Functional Genomics try to understand the role of the whole genome on a global approach and its impact on the development and physiology of an organism.

The Genomics Core Facility at Cabimer provides a wide diversity of methods for DNA and RNA analyses with high-throughput technologies and systems. Available equipment include liquid handling robots to automate pipeting task, DNA quantification and quality control with Qubit and Bioanalyzer, real-time PCR, a high-content imaging system (ImageXpress Micro), Affymetrix and Agilent microarray platforms and two next-generation sequencing system: NextSeq500 from Illumina and PGM from Ion-Torrent. The result is a complete and highly flexible open service performing a broad range of applications from targeted RNA/DNA and whole-exome or genome sequencing.

The services described are intended to cover, among others, the following scientific applications:

  • NGS SEQUENCING: RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, DNA-Seq, ATAC-Seq, CNV, circulating DNA, cancer studies, hereditary and custom diseases….
  • QUALITY ANALYSIS (integrity) and QUANTIFICATION OF DNA and RNA as a preliminary study for RT-qPCR, sequencing, microarrays, etc.
  • COMPARATIVE STUDY OF GENE EXPRESSION PROFILES (eukaryotics and prokaryotics)
  • ANALYSIS OF miRNA (pre-miRNA, snoRNA, lncRNA …) related to gene expression
  • DETECTION OF VARIATIONS IN COPY NUMBER AND CHROMOSOMAL ALTERATIONS (CNVs and SNPs) in cell cultures, prenatal samples, fresh and FFPE samples of humans (including tumors), study of included LOH (molecular cytogenetics), CGH, studies of trios, etc.
  • AUTOMATION OF PROTOCOLS for handling liquid solutions with a large number of samples: preparation of PCR plates (96-384) or ELISA, dilutions, screening protocols, collections copy, DNA / RNA extraction.

To apply for some of these services, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Ask for the Genomics Unit (experimental design) and follow the instructions on the User Guides.
  2. Fill in the Request for the appropriate service form and send it with the samples
  3. Upon receipt of the samples/data, a confirmation email will be sent to the user, indicating the possible start date for analysis (depend on availability of the service).
  4. Previous to the analysis, a preliminary control of the samples / data will be made and the user will be notified of the result via email.
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